Tactile & Braille

Braille Printing

Our Braille printed products are an essential part of meeting Australian building code section D3.6 & Australian Standards AS1428.1.

With our range of Tactile 3D printed solutions, we can create custom designed signage for both compliance requirements & to create a 3-dimensional look.

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Big or small, ASPrint provides you with braille and tactile amenities signs that are not only compliant with Australia standards, but also work with your requirements to fit within your buildings designed aesthetic.


With our braille and tactile printed graphics, give your statutory signage another dimension, whether it is for aesthetic, functionality, or compliance.


While information is important, placement and function are paramount.

Clever and attractive integration of tactile elements are also critical considerations, to ensure your message is properly reflected and reinforced.


Our raised tactile printed plaques are custom made to suit your specifications, from metals to acrylics our facility runs a range of medians that are designed to fit within your requirements.